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2021 Grand American Program



Special Events:
International Event
White Flyer Doubles Handicap Event
20 Gauge Event
28 Gauge Event

Payout Summary

Fiocchi Nostalgia Shoot Winners
Fiocchi Nostalgia Shoot Finalists

Special Races:

National Team Race (combined)

Grand Gun Winners

Zone Singles Trophy Winners (combined)
Single State Team Race

Zone Doubles Trophy Winners

Gun Club Fund Winners

Kids & Clays Auction Winners


Amateur Trapshooting Association
1105 East Broadway
P.O. Box 519 Sparta, IL 62286
Phone: 618-449-2224
Fax: 866-454-5198
[email protected]

Youth Trapshooting Program
Phone: 618-449-2224
Fax: 866-454-5198
[email protected]

Trapshooting Hall of Fame
PO Box 519 Sparta, IL 62286
Phone: 937-660-5663
Fax: 937-660-5664

Recreational Complex
1 Main Event Lane, Suite 510
Sparta, IL 62286
Phone: 618-295-2700