Supplies & Forms

For gun clubs who wish to send shoot scores electronically:
E-mail [email protected] with scores, earned yardage, financial information and any membership applications that were taken.
Include a copy of the ATA financial form when mailing your payment.

Please Note: Any transactions that are chargedback/returned may be charged a $25 fee.

Gun Club Questionnaire Update Form

Helpful Resources/Tools For Shooting Range Management:


Trapshooting Fundamentals Handbook by Remington
Trapshooting Etiquette - Courtesy of Nevada State Trapshooting Association
Gun Club Login Tutorial Video
Website Classification Tutorial Video
ATA Verified Targets

Information Links:
New Traphouse Layout
Trap Field Blue Prints (courtesy of Golden West Industries)

Announcement for Gun Clubs:
Doubles Finger
Shoot Training Materials
Membership Application Form

Download ATA Shoot Forms

These are some commonly requested forms. If you click a link and it does not immediatly show up be patient these files can be a little larger than usual.

Club & Shoot Forms
Program Targets Report
Shoot Financial Report 
Registered Shoot Cancellation Notice (Mail-In)
Online Registered Shoot Cancellation Form
Registered Score Sheet Shoot Report Form
ATA Score Sheet
50 Target Trap Score Sheet
50 Pair Doubles
25 Pair Doubles Score Sheet
Registered Score Sheet Instructions/Example
Registered League Application
Earned Yardage Report
Registered Shoot Application
Credit Card Authorization Form
ACH Authorization Form
Shoot Supply Request Form
Gun Club Fund Application

Shooter & Membership Forms
New Plastic Card Request
Rulebook Request Form (Mail-In)
Online Rulebook Request Form

Trap&Field Forms
Trap & Field Trophy Report Form
[email protected]

Excel Shoot Templates

Lite Template (6 or Less Events)

Full Template (7+ Events)


Daily Fee Charge for Big 50 Program

The ATA Board of Directors which Consists of the State Delegates, approved charging a $2 daily fee for each shooter participating in a Big 50 event.  
Please Note: Any transactions that are chargedback/returned may be charged a $25 fee.
For questions please call ext. 101 at the ATA office or email at [email protected].

What is the Big 50 Program?
Big 50 & Registered Leagues Brochure


We understand that vendors are a valuable part of this atmosphere and help to spread the ATA spirit. Unfortunately, some vendors sell unauthorized ATA merchandise. Please help us protect our logo by reporting these vendors who do not display the Official ATA Licensee Placard. This will help protect our valid licensee holders as well as our members. To report a vendor who is selling ATA Merchandise without an ATA license please contact the ATA Office at 618-449-2224 or [email protected]. Thank you for your cooperation.

Amateur Trapshooting Association
1105 East Broadway
P.O. Box 519 Sparta, IL 62286
Phone: 618-449-2224
Fax: 866-454-5198
[email protected]

Youth Trapshooting Program
Phone: 618-449-2224
Fax: 866-454-5198
[email protected]

Trapshooting Hall of Fame
PO Box 519 Sparta, IL 62286
Phone: 937-660-5663
Fax: 937-660-5664

Recreational Complex
1 Main Event Lane, Suite 510
Sparta, IL 62286
Phone: 618-295-2700