Why Join the ATA


The ATA has 30,000 active members annually that are dedicated to trapshooting, become a member today and gain the insight, camaraderie, and competitive edge that go along with becoming an ATA member.

Being involved with an ATA affiliated local gun club gives you the perfect opportunity to get more in touch with your community. Many gun clubs are heavily involved with fundraising for the community at large.


The knowledge that current ATA Members have pertaining to shotguns, competition, methodology, trapshooting, and registered competition is unrivaled. By becoming a member you will have complete access to this incredible knowledge base.


The ATA prides itself on being fully invested in the future of the sport, if you are interested in the ultimate way of preserving the sport, working with youth; you have come to the right place. The ATA is committed to helping coaches and volunteers get youth programs started as well as maintain current programs. Join ATA and take an active role in our AIM Program and give back today!


ATA Members stand to receive many discounts for simply being a paid member. Businesses with which we hold Affinity Programs with include; Nationwide Insurance, Enterprise and National Car Rental, and Sportsmen’s Insurance. The ATA continually works to attain discounts for members through other organizations as well, as a Member you can look forward to saving money through many prolific companies you use frequently.


The joy that accompanies competing in Trapshooting is only amplified by the abundance of awards and recognition ATA Members receive throughout the year. Not only does the ATA award prizes such as medals, trophies, and monies, but our close relationships with sponsors may permit you to win an array of shooting supplies. An accomplished shooter can expect to be recognized at events and congratulated for a job well done.

Shooting Opportunities

The ATA sanctions many major shoots throughout the year. They include the Grand American, Satellite Grand Americans, Zone Shoots, and State Shoots. The Grand American is the World’s largest shooting tournament and attracts 10,000 plus competitor and spectators every year. The shoot takes place at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex, a state-of-the-art facility in Sparta, Illinois. The site includes 120 trap fields that stretch 3.5 miles long. Along with the big shoots, the ATA has over 900 gun clubs that throw registered targets throughout the year.


The ATA staff works diligently to constantly update and maintain the ATA Web site, shootata.com, in order to serve members. The Shooter Information Center allows members to keep track of scores, see what shoots members have attended and view other member’s scores. This information Center also allows members to print-out their entire target history at any time. The “Search Shoots” feature allows members to see what shoots will be held near you in the future.


Every time any member shoots at a Satellite Grand or Grand American, he or she receives a collector’s pin commemorating that shoot. When a Member attends the Grand American for 25 years he or she is eligible for an Attendance Patch, patches can be accumulated every five years after the fact and are distributed at a special ceremony during the Grand American.

Trap and Field

Trap & Field Magazine is the official magazine of the ATA. It includes in-depth articles to help you improve your game and learn more about trapshooting and ATA shoots and rules. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned veteran to trapshooting, you’ll learn something new in be entertained by each issue of Trap & Field. On top of that, Trap & Field has in-depth shoot results of ATA registered shoots and editorial pieces on many larger shoots.

Looking Forward

Any ATA shooter can strive to achieve a spot on the prestigious All-American Team. In order to make the team, a shooter must perform well at ATA shoots. The All-Americans are honored with patches, hats, publicity in Trap and Field, and a special reception at the Grand American. A shooter can expect to reach important milestones in his or her shooting career. We place significant importance on these achievements. The first achievement occurs when a shooter reaches 25,000 targets. The shooter receives a pin, certificate, and special recognition in Trap & Field Magazine. The pins are distributed for every 25,000 targets shot thereafter. Once a person reached 100,000 targets they are distributed in increments of 100,000. Patches are also available to celebrate the achievement of 25, 50, 75, and 100 straight registered targets broken consecutively.


Trapshooting is a great American Past Time, the birth of the ATA dates back to 1889, with the first Grand being held in 1900 in Queens, New York. The first Grand American held in 1900 attracted 74 participants. The Grand has grown over the years and has seen participation as high as 5,000 competitors. The Grand American has attracted people such as Roy Rogers, Annie Oakley, and John Philip Sousa. Be a part of the ATA and be apart of history!

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