Overall Standings

The Overall Standings allow you to view the totals for all shooters in each category. The standings are laid out and color coded so you can see who has made the 1st and 2nd teams. These standings will fluctuate as new shoots get added over the course of the year. The new All-American Team Management System now lets the ATA compute All-American points not long after they are entered into the the ATA Database, so you will see points added all throughout the year.

Shooter Details

If you would like to look up detailed information about a shooter's points, you can search for that member (or pick them from your Buddies or Quicklist if you are logged in). Any shooter that has All-American points for the current target year will have a - (AA) after their name. Clicking on this shooter will bring up their Yearly target summary, and they will also have a box below that which lets you narrow down which All-American points you'd like to view. Select a specific Category and Shoot to display that shooter's points for all the events in that shoot.

We hope you like these additional features and there will be plenty more to come in the coming months.

Shooter Information Center Help

We have redesigned our Shooter Information Center to provide a better user experience and to start giving our members additional functionality. Please familiarize yourself with this new system by reading the below paragraphs. We hope you find it easy to use and we look forward to making future upgrades for our membership.

Search For A Member

To find the member you are looking for, just follow these steps.

  1. Type the last name (followed by a common and first name if you wish) or the ATA Number into the search box on the left.
  2. Search results will appear in the list below the search box; click the name of the shooter you would like to view.
  3. The complete ATA summary will appear to the right.

Logging In

Logging into "My ATA" or the "Shooter Information Center" gives you some great new features! First of all you can see your detailed shoot information, not just a summary. Secondly, you are able to add Buddies so that your friends can grant you access to see their detailed shoots as well.

What Is A Buddy?

If you have a group of friends who shoot together then you can request that they be your Buddy! An e-mail will be sent out to this individual (if they have provided the ATA with an E-Mail address). This will let them Approve or Deny you as a Buddy. Once they approve you, their name will be added into the My Buddies menu on the left hand side. Now you can click on their name and see their detailed shoot results as well.

Using the Buddy list

To add a Buddy, enter their ATA number or LAST name in the “Search for a shooter” box in the top left portion of the page.

  1. In the box located below the “Search for a Member” box, if there is more than one name, select the correct person that you were looking for.
  2. To add that person as a Buddy, click the “Add to My Buddies” link located below your name and the names of your buddies.
  3. Once you click this box, an email request will be sent to that person notifying them that you would like to be their Buddy on shootata.com.
  4.  After they approve you as a Buddy, you will be able view their detailed information.

What Is A Summary Quick View?

There are probably shooters out there that might not quite be your Buddy, but you check their scores a lot to see how they are doing. This is where the Summary Quick View comes in. Instead of having to search for the shooters you want to keep tabs on everytime, we now let you add each of these shooters to your menu. Now all you need to do check out their scores is click on their name!

Viewing Detailed Shoot Information

Once you login, you will be able to view detailed shoot information for yourself as well as your buddies. To display this information, just click the Select link next to the year in the Summary table. The detailed results for that year will be displayed in a table below it. This will show you each individual shoot you have participated in and the location of where you shot.

Shooter Information Center

Click on “Shooter Information Center” so that you can see your scores and any Buddies that you may have added.

  1.  To view your own scores, click on your name on the left hand side under “My Scores”
  2. In the center of the screen, click on the Select link next to the target year for which you would like to view your scores.
  3. Beneath your summary, a “Detailed Information” table will appear.
  4. To view your Buddies’ scores, click on their name to view their summaries and detailed information.




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