Trapshooting Terminology

championship at the Grand, Zone, State and other major shoots based on the combined scores of the 400 championship targets, 200 singles, 100 doubles and 100 handicap.
the percentage of targets the shooter has hit out of the total shot at.
Average Book
yearly book compiled by the ATA listing all singles, handicap and doubles averages of each member who shot during the previous year.
positions in handicap shooting from 24 to 27 yards behind the trophies.
Broken Target
a) one which comes out of the traphouse in pieces. It is declared "no target" whether the shooter shoots at it or not, and another bird is thrown. It does not count even if the shooter hits it
b) a whole target which the shooter hits and is scored as "dead".
signal given by the shooter for the release of the target. Usually the word "pull," but any sound may be used.
a system of dividing shooters into groups-based on previous records, ability, etc.-in singles and doubles. Classification is done by a committee of shooters. AA is the highest class; D or E are the lowest.
the term used for a target broken by the shooter.
one of the three events in trapshooting. The shooter stands 16 yards from the trap and fires twice, once at each target that are fired simultaneously.
the number of shooters in a specific event.
the trap field ; refers to the entire layout of the trap and shooting positions.
one of the three events in trapshooting. Singles targets are shot at by shooters standing a minimum of 18 yards and a maximum of 27 yards from the trap.
High- Over-All
championship based on the combined score of all targets in a program. At the Grand it includes 1,000 targets over the final six days.
any shooter under the age of 18.
Junior Gold
any shooter at least 18 years of age and under 23 years of age.
the term for a target missed completely or only "dusted."
the call given by the referee when the shooter does not have to fire at a target. Ex. A target that is thrown from the trap broken.
the two targets fired simultaneously in doubles shooting.
clay pigeon, the target.
the person who releases the target from the trap, either by an electric switch or by hand.
Senior Veteran
any shooter at least 70 years of age and older.
method of deciding ties in which the shooters fire another event.
one of the three events in trapshooting. Targets are shot at by shooters standing 16 yards from the trap. One shot fired at each target.
a group shooters (five or less) who shoot together at one trap and who shoot in rotation.
the breaking of all targets in an event.
any shooter under the age of fifteen.
any shooter at least 55 years of age and under 65 years of age.
the device used to propel the target.
a structure 2 1/2 feet below the ground 16 yards in front of the station that houses the trap, trapboy and a supply of targets.
at the Grand, any shooter age 65 or older.
a) one of the five districts in which the ATA divides the United States and Canada.
b) one of the districts into which various states divide their territories.
Zone Shoots
tournament sponsored by the ATA in each of its five zones and for which the ATA furnishes the major trophies.

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