Frequently Asked Membership Questions

I just signed up online today, but it didn’t tell me what my ATA number is, can you tell me?

It takes 24 hours for your payment to clear and for the database to generate an ATA number for you. After an ATA number is generated, it goes into our print spool for an ATA plastic and average card to be printed. We will send these out in the mail along with a new member packet once printed. It can take one to two weeks for you to receive them in the mail. If after you have waited 24 hours, you can go to shootata.com under the shooter information tab and search your name to see if you have been given an ATA number. It will show your ATA number, current yardage, and how long your membership is paid through along with your scores.

I don’t remember my ATA number can you tell me?

You can find that on our website by clicking the shooter information center tab and entering your name. All your information will be shown here. ATA number, yardage, scores and how long you are paid for can all be accessed under this tab.

How can I renew my membership online?

Click the membership tab, choose existing member, and click ok. Enter your ATA number and select your name below. Fill out the membership application along with credit card information and submit the application. Make sure that a confirmation page pops up providing you with your payment ID number. If a confirmation does not pop up, your payment might not have been processed.

How many years of ATA membership can I pay at a time?

You will be able to pay for the current target year plus 3 additional years at the same time. If you try to buy more than that without purchasing a lifetime membership you will be refunded your payment for the additional years purchased beyond what was previously stated above.

Can I pay for my membership over the phone?

We highly encourage all members to renew their membership online at shootata.com. We understand that technical difficulties can arise which would require additional help from an in-house representative. If those circumstances arise, then you can call into the office for help through membership services.

How long does my ATA membership last?

At the ATA we go by target years, not calendar years. Our target year starts on September 1 of the current year and ends on August 31st of the next year. When you pay for your membership, regardless of the month, it will begin and end on those dates. If you purchased a new membership or renewed a current membership on July 1 of that year, it will expire on August 31 and will have to be renewed for the next target year by September 1.

If I sign up for a new membership on Friday will I have an ATA number for a shoot on Saturday?

No, it takes 24 hours for your payment to clear and an ATA number to be generated. We are closed on the weekends so your payment will not be uploaded into our database until Monday morning. If you need an ATA number for the weekend it would be safer to apply no later than Thursday morning.


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