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  • The 2019 High Doubles Shooters by State and Province was inadvertently picked up and reprinted in the 2020 Average Book. The link to the correct 2020 information for pages A-51 to A-54 in the Average Book is as follows: 2020 Average Book Doubles Shooters by State

  • 2021 Grand American Camping Lists
  • Attention ATA members:  The US Open is scheduled to take place at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex June 2-6; The AIM National Youth Championship is scheduled for July 30-August 3 and the Grand American World Trapshooting Championships August 4-14.  We are extremely confident that all of these events will take place at the WSRC this year.  The Illinois Department of Natural Resources will notify the ATA no later than May 1 with a determination which will be immediately released on our website and via email to our members.

  • Apply now for the Gunsmithing Scholarship!

  • Due to limited shooting opportunities in 2020, the look back period for minimum targets requirements in the 2021 Satellite Grands has been extended back to September 1, 2018 to the date of classification for the shoot.

  • Submitting Scores is easy! Use our new (optional) Excel template to increase the speed and efficiency of registered shoot processing here at the ATA Office!      
  • Attention 3S Users: Help get your registered scores in front of shooters more quickly! Learn how HERE.
  • Ammunition manufacturers have indicated to us that they are working 24/7 to try to catch up with the overwhelming demand for ammunition. The cause of the shortage has been linked to the tremendous number of new firearms owners in the recent months, hoarding by consumers, and a fear of possible price increases.

    We will continue to monitor the situation and relay any information we obtain regarding future developments.

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“Our greatest trophies are not things, but times” Gene Hill. A slide show of Western Canadians making every shot count.

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